Hi there! Pietro P. J. Danby here (he/him/his). I’m on an adventure with a new project on Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, drawing on my acting, drumming and musical background and shared affinity for the Beatles and as a fellow Pisces, too :). It’s called “Kurt: American Boy.” It’s a New Media TV series I’m filming. It’s Animal! I played Luke the Tiger in the Animal Empathy Project to help Born Free USA, and I did work on Kurt Cobain as part of that tiger.

I help animals with my acting work that I’ve done in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Long Island, plus other places. Mountain Lions, including the mountain lions who faced the California fires, Tigers, and Florida Panthers are among those I care about and are part of the animal work I’m doing on Kurt and part of the fun and empathy.

Check out my IMDb page, Pietro Danby, here.

As of April 2019, I’m the first Ambassador ever for Tigers4Ever, a UK based non-profit helping to save wild Bengal tigers in Bandhavgarh, India. Tigers4Ever is a registered UK charity (No. 1160528, and is top-rated by GlobalGiving). Check them out at www.tigers4ever.org. Tigers4Ever’s aim is to give wild tigers wild futures. I’m helping Tigers4Ever to bring the wild tigers’ voice to the USA and the world. I also adopted the Arharia male who is a father to sixteen tiger cubs, and an Alpha male. I am narrating the story of Shashi the Tiger on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Shashi is a sub-adult male tiger looking for his own territory to become a young Alpha. Picture SpiderMan mastering his Ninja skills. Shashi was seen on BBC Earth’s DYNASTIES as a cub along with his two brothers, his sister, and his mother, Rajbehra. Shashi is the half-brother of the Arharia male, and the real-life son of Bamera, one of the most famous Alpha male Tigers of Bandhavgarh. Come follow Shashi the Tiger on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to check out the life of a tiger.

Look! Here’s a drawing I did of Teen Shashi! Come read Shashi’s story, A Day in the Life of Shashi the Tiger, with amazing photographs of Shashi and his tiger friends, for Global Tiger Day, Monday July 29, 2019! Tigers Rawk!

Listen to the Tigers4Ever podcast I helped Shashi with for Giving Tuesday, also Shashi’s birthday, December 3, 2019. He just turned four years old! Hear Shashi tell his story in this exclusive podcast about the life of a wild tiger! 5 episodes were released through Christmas!  All 5 episodes are live now! Shashi has his own Tigers4Ever charity page here! You can listen to the podcast, read his story, and watch the video about Shashi!





Here’s a poem I collaborated with Shashi on in the style of Eminem 😉 for Global Tiger Day 2020! Check it out: