Hi there! Pietro P.J. Danby here (he/him/his). I’m on an adventure with a project on Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, drawing on my acting, drumming and musical background and shared affinity for the Beatles and as a fellow Pisces, too :). It’s called “Kurt: American Boy: A Parody.” It’s a comedy and a New Media TV series I’m filming. It’s Animal!

Episode 1, Season 1,  “Skinny Cat,” was released on August 10, 2021 for World Lion Day! Episode 2, “Flying Monkeys,” was released August 11, 2021, the same day as Marvel’s “What If?”!

If you wish to visit the playlist for the two parts, including the trailer, you can go here.

Kurt is really into the idea of being Batman if he could be a superhero. I came up with this idea from Kurt’s childhood Batman costume and interests. And I thought it would be fun because if he was a superhero he would definitely be moody Bruce Wayne. It turns out Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in the new Batman film (release date March 4, 2022) is also inspired by Kurt, as the director, Matt Reeves, is a Nirvana fan. Holy Bat Guitar!

So check out more of my Kurt American Boy when it comes out, as Kurt will definitely be wrangling with his inner Batman and his inner Captain America. 

Another hero who influenced characters I have played is Luke Skywalker. I played Luke the Tiger in the Animal Empathy Project to help Born Free USA, and I did work on Kurt Cobain as part of that tiger. I help animals with my acting work that I’ve done in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Long Island, plus other places. America’s pumas, including the mountain lions who faced the California fires, Tigers, and Florida Panthers are among those I care about and are part of the animal work I’m doing on Kurt and part of the fun and empathy. 

Check out my IMDb page, Pietro Danby, here.

I am a Fighter for Tigers. Between April 2019-January 2022, I devoted my acting skills to playing Shashi the Tiger for Tigers4Ever, a top-rated UK charity. They asked me to be their first-ever and their USA Ambassador. I came up with the idea of playing Shashi and helping to tell his story. I did a 5-part podcast playing Shashi that I wrote. Shashi is a real-life tiger in Bandhavgarh, India. Picture Spider-Man mastering his Ninja skills. That’s Shashi. I adopted his half-brother, the Arharia Male, an awesome Tiger King. I also adopted Igor the Tiger at Love Lions Alive Sanctuary in South Africa, and white tiger Aashaavan at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Check out this special edition of a drawing I did of Teen Shashi, with a Grunge look, for “Kurt: American Boy.”!

Here’s a poem I collaborated with Shashi on in the style of Eminem 😉 for Global Tiger Day 2020! Plus a Haiku done July 2021. FLAME ON! Check it out:

Next up: Kurt American Boy continues with Season 2, in which Kurt wakes up to find he is in a Multiverse as a rock star Captain America who still loves Batman.